Who We Are

Cloud computing at its finest

Ubiq Computing is one of the leading providers of custom tech solutions. We mostly provide white-label hardware made with the latest technology for hobbyists, collectors, researchers, and small companies.

We also do wholesale products of branded hardware. We have a contract with big brands that allow us to bulk purchase products with a discount, letting us sell them to smaller manufacturers with a price of about 5% to 8% less than the market price.

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Founded in 2015, Ubiq Computing seeks to accelerate technological advancement by providing everyone access to a cheap, yet high performance and quality hardware parts. These hardware parts can be used for learning, studying or creating high performance, low-cost tech gadgets and devices.

First, we partnered with local institutions to help them in their classes and then we expanded around the nation. Soon enough, we are providing affordable hardware to over 250 clients worldwide.

In 2019 we started providing software solutions. We provide fully custom, 100% unique application and software solution to our clients. We tailor everything to fulfill the needs and tech level of our clients so they can use our software as easily and as efficiently as possible.